About Us

Motherhood is exhausting, for all I know! Taking care of a little human, right from conception till the time the child gets independent is a huge, huge responsibility. And, in the absence of a manual (that’s right- babies don’t come with manuals) it can get freaky scary for a woman to deal with so many changes, amidst so much advice – solicited and unsolicited both- from all corners.

After being through the same situation, and living in a digital age, I have realised no matter what one says, in the end, it is the mother who has to decide. But, as a mother, we need to make informed choices.

Just to help you in making these everyday, every minute choices, this humble blog has found space. There are no sponsored opinions, no posts, no promotions, and no judgements. Plain, basic information collated through personal experience and informed study. Not to influence your parenting and mothering decisions and choices, but to just help you by letting you know what you know, and what may help you knowing it.

Motherhood, right from pregnancy is a challenging and beautiful journey. Let’s make it a rewarding and enriching experience too. We all could do a little help, a little boost, and a little encouragement.

This momontheblock, attempts to do the same.