How To Avoid Pregnancy After One Month?

ending pregnancy after one month
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A positive pregnancy test result is the blessing from heaven for most women. Be that as it may, as much as a delight planned pregnancy can bring about, a pregnancy that happens unexpectedly at a wrong time can be equally stressful. If the pregnancy is unplanned or if the mother has any other reason like health or personal choice not to continue with the pregnancy, then the only safe plan is to terminate the pregnancy.

As a matter of fact, terminating a pregnancy, even in its early stages would involve abortion of some kind. While in case you have had unprotected sex and are aware of the risk of pregnancy you can avoid the same by taking an emergency contraceptive pill such as Unwanted 72. But what if you come to know of the pregnancy when your periods get delayed and you take the home pregnancy test?

How to terminate the pregnancy after the first month? Is there any natural method to terminate the pregnancy? Is the terminating of pregnancy a painful procedure? Does it affect the health of the mother? These are some of the doubts that jump into your mind as soon as there will be a necessity to terminate your pregnancy arises. This article will help you to understand more about avoiding pregnancy after one month.

Terminating a pregnancy after 1 month

The decision to end a pregnancy can be quite a tough one for a mother, and may be emotionally taxing as well. However, if you have decided to end a pregnancy in its early stages, then you can choose the medical ways, surgical ways, and certain home-remedies to terminate it.

There are several measures which can help you to terminate the pregnancy after one month. Choosing the method to terminate a pregnancy after one month mainly depends on the health of the mother, the week of pregnancy and fetal status.

The most common methods of terminating a pregnancy after a month are – medical and surgical. The medical route is preferred because it is non-invasive in nature. There are some other options which help to end pregnancy naturally. Let’s go through different methods to avoid pregnancy after the first month.

Medical method to avoid pregnancy after one month

This is a type of abortion that is brought about through medications. These medicines induce contractions of the womb that result in abortion. Nevertheless, this can be performed only during the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. For this procedure, you have to pay three successive visits to your gynaecologist.

  • During the first visit, an anti-progestin medicine called Mifepristone is used. This medicine will prevent the production of the essential hormone – progesterone and as a result, the uterus lining thins down
  • During the second visit, another dose of the drug known as misoprostol is used. This drug induces contraction in the uterus and helps to carry out the remains of the destroyed fetus
  • You have to pay your third visit after the bleeding associated with the medical method of abortion (this may last for 10 to 14 days). The purpose of this visit is to ensure the treatment is able to get rid you of the one-month pregnancy completely
  • In some cases, instead of mifepristone, methotrexate, which is a lethal chemical that can attack the fetus cells and thus results in abortion, is also induced. However, this medical procedure should also be followed by misoprostol for the complete elimination of dead tissues

The Surgical method of avoiding pregnancy

This procedure for terminating a pregnancy is performed in the hospital. The surgical method is intended to get rid of the entire inside layer of the womb along with fetal tissues to avoid a one-month old pregnancy.
There are again two types of surgical procedures:

I. MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration)

This procedure is based on suction technique. MVA is done during the initial phase (i.e. Within 8 weeks of pregnancy). A specially designed straw like cannula and speculum is used to empty the entire womb. The cannula is attached to a manual vacuum device which generates soft suction. Pregnancy tissue is gently removed from the womb into the device. Only discomforts that may arise during a pap smear test will occur during this procedure and there is no need for anesthesia. Also, the whole procedure will be finished within 5 minutes. A Manual Aspiration Abortion is a safe, gentle and effective surgical procedure and is 99-100% effective.

II. D&E (Dilatation and Evacuation)

This procedure is also based on the suction technique. D &E is the most appropriate treatment when the pregnancy progresses to 13th week and above. In D and E the cervix is mechanically opened or dilated and the entire inner lining of the womb with fetal tissue is removed with a combination of suction and instruments. The cervix needs to be opened wider to allow the larger pregnancy tissue (remember the pregnancy progressed to 13th week) to pass. As the cervix has to be stretched mechanically and surgical instruments should be put inside the cervix to remove the contents of the uterus, the majority of the patients will be under anaesthesia during the procedure of D and E.

Other alternative methods include of ending a pregnancy in an early stage include-

Saline water method

This is an alternative way of abolishing the fetus. In this method, the salt water is injected into the womb. This damages the fetus tissues and kills the fetus and dries it out.Salt water is fatal for the developing fetus.

Herbal abortion

Even though it is an unsafe and improper way to stop the pregnancy, herbal abortion has also been experimented by some mothers to terminate early pregnancy. Here the pregnancy is terminated by using some herbal concentrates which lead to miscarriage.

Natural methods to end an early pregnancy

Here, instead of medical and surgical procedures, fruits, vegetables and beverages and even more often intercourse is used to terminate the pregnancy. 100 % result is not guaranteed. Instead, let’s say these methods increases the chances of abortion during the initial weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Raw papaya and ripe pineapple, if eaten in large amount, can trigger abortions
  2. Sesame seeds that soaked overnight if consumed in large quantities can trigger abortion
  3. Cinnamon supplements or raw cinnamon can be used to abort a pregnancy in its early stage
  4. Several cups of strongly brewed green tea can cause miscarriage
  5. Forceful and vigorous exercises during the initial weeks of pregnancy triggers miscarriage

Terminating a pregnancy can weigh heavily on a woman, some women regret the same for years to come. Not only it is emotionally tough, but also takes a toll on the physical well-being of a woman. Make sure you rest well and take a good, balanced diet to slowly but gradually recover from it. Hydrate yourself well, and refrain from getting intimate until your mind and body are in good shape.

Talk to a close friend or relative about your feelings – vent them out and banish negativity to gradually return to normalcy in life.

**Please note that this article is for general information only. For medical concerns, do visit your doctor.**


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