Unique and Interesting Godh Bharai (गोध भराई ) Theme Ideas

godh bharai themes

Looking for innovative, unique and fun ideas for your Godh Bharai (गोध भराई) function? Are you eager to have an enjoyable time with your relatives and friends and make the function a lovely, happy memory for everyone? Relax, we have compiled a list of beautiful and unique Godh Bharai themes with decoration ideas that will make you go wow!

6 unique Godh Bharai themes and decoration ideas

Congratulations! You are soon expecting your little bundle of joy and it is now time to kick in some celebrations! Pregnancy is a roller-coaster ride for a woman, and she totally deserves some joyful time with her loved and dear ones. Godh Bharai is the celebration of pregnancy, the soon-arrival of a baby, and hence needs to be special for the mother and the family. Let us browse through some of the best themes and decoration ideas for celebrating Godh Bharai in a unique way.

The Indian equivalent of baby shower, Godh Bharai is generally the common function held across almost all cultures held during the 7th month of pregnancy. You can read more on Godh Bharai in our post here.

1.Godh Bharai (गोध भराई) Theme – Sunny sunshine outdoor theme

If you like the sun and the outdoors, have your Godh Bharai celebrations on a sunny day, inviting your guests for a get-together at breakfast. As the Sun spreads its warmth and cheer on the world, plan the breakfast table keeping in view the same concept of brightness, warmth and cheer. One of the most lively Godh Bharai themes, there’s hardly anything that can go wrong with it.

Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Theme Baby Shower

For an outdoor, sunny sunshine Godh Bharai function, decorate the place with lovely yellow and white flowers. Keep the cutlery bright yellow and white, and use the same color combination for the table decoration. Dress yourself in pristine shades of golden, yellow, white and adorn flowers.

Include juices like mango juice and orange juice to ring in the breakfast. The cake can also be a white one, with a surprise mango-flavoured filling inside to go with the color theme.

Do not forget to adorn yourself with a crown made of fresh white and pristine yellow flowers. Keep your make-up and jewellery to the minimum to look elegant on your special day. Make arrangement for light music, and enjoy scrumptious, healthy breakfast on an outdoor setting making it a memorable day for everyone.

2.The Baby Birth Month Theme

Since you know your due date, you can also plan your Godh Bharai theme as per the month in which your baby is arriving. For example, if it is December, you can have a Christmas theme baby shower with white and red colours spreading joy and cheer. Have an aqua decoration for a baby arriving in the hot and sultry summer months. If your baby is arriving in April, a spring theme would look and feel great.

Decoration Ideas for Baby Birth Month Theme

Once you know the speciality of the month in which your baby is arriving, you can use the related colours to decorate the venue and make it unique. Use an aqua theme, the blue-green colour combination if your baby is coming during summers. If it is Spring that your baby has chosen to arrive in, make the venue a garden of fresh flowers, colourful and vibrant colours spreading vibes of happiness. For a winter baby, a Christmas –like decoration or décor with snow capped mountains and skis could look great.

Dress yourself according to the theme, and plan the menu accordingly. Keep it seasonal with a twist of colours and flavours of the month your baby is going to arrive in. Wear traditional jewellery that resonates with the theme you have opted for.

3.Sugar and Spice Theme for Godh Bharai (गोध भराई)

If contrast is your thing, then you may like to celebrate your special day in a set of sugar-and spice. The essence of the theme lies in the contrast, so ring in the celebrations with contrasting decorations, menu ideas and dresses. Keeping the theme in mind, this one needs a vast menu with plenty of contrasting dishes on the table. For a sweet desert, have a bitter or hot dish placed right beside it. Take bets on who can tolerate the spices, and watch everyone laugh and turn red and gulp water like crazy!

Decoration ideas for Sugar and Spice Theme

Decorate your place in contrasting colour schemes – opting for strong and bold colors. If you choose roses as your function’s flower, it should also have thorns. Dress up in contrast of what your usually dress in, and ask your family members and guests to do the same. That way, you may get to see elder women dressed in modern attire and your young, hep cousins in traditional wear! Everyone will get a chance to look so different than they usually do!

Keep the decorations in contrasting colour schemes and even play contrasting music to make everyone share a good laugh! It would be something they would remember for a lifetime.

4.Relive the Mother’s Childhood Theme

Well, this one can be quite an emotional theme for the mom-to-be! But it sure will make her re-live her childhood memories again, and her side of relatives and friends would have anecdotes for everything. The theme becomes great fun when elders share the naughty pranks and childhood memories of the mother.

Decoration ideas for Mother’s Childhood Theme

Fish out old photos from the family albums, search the store room for long-forgotten toys, and if you can get hold of her baby dresses, get them too. You can have a wall that have the mother’s prized possessions as a kid. Hang out her favorite dresses and toys and make wall hangings with her childhood pictures.

Ask the mom-to-be’s relatives and friends to share their best memories of her, and laugh out and about and strange; surprising stories make their way to the eyes and hearts of everyone present. You can design the menu based on the dishes the mother loved during her childhood years.

5.Pink and Blue Godh Bharai (गोध भराई) Theme

The simplest and highly preferred theme of Godh Bharai functions, pink and blue theme is a choice of many. The mere fact that in India it is illegal to determine the baby’s gender before birth makes it an ideal choice for a baby shower function. So you plan the theme in pink and blue colour scheme, and to make it even classier, you can ask the female guests to dress in pink and male guests in blue.

Decoration ideas for Pink and Blue Godh Bharai (गोध भराई) Theme

It doesn’t get simpler than this – the pink and blue balloons, hanging stars, cutlery and tableware. Deserts can also be color themed easily, and you can have a half-pink-half-blue baby shower cake too. Dress yourself in beautiful pinks and adorn with pink flower jewellery.

6.The Vintage Theme for Godh Bharai

Vintage never goes out of style and is eternal fashion. You can have a vintage theme for your baby shower celebrations, and add the wow factor by sourcing some of the best vintage wine, dishes and invitation cards. This one is going to be etched in the memories of your guests for life.

Decoration ideas for Vintage Theme Baby Shower

Well, accents that give the vintage look and feel can be sourced from vendors and the pace be decorated with the same. You can also look at your own dumped stuff and use vintage décor items to enhance the ambiance. Dress up in Victorian gowns or traditional wear, serve forgotten dishes from olden eras in vintage cutlery set in a vintage environment. The whole experience would be something that will be talked about for a long time!

Whatever theme you decide to ahead with, make sure that you take into account the weather, your guest list and their preferences, availability of accents and your budget. Do not make it just a part affair but do make it something that will be long cherished for lost converstions and connections.

And do not forget that the mother-to-be needs to be comfortable too!


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