Which is the best baby massage oil for strong bones?

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Massaging baby with oil has lots of advantages. It plays a significant part in the growth and development of the baby, especially for premature babies. Oil massage is also good for the brain development of the baby. Regular oil massage is suggested until the baby is two years old.

Selecting a suitable baby oil is not that simple. It is really important to get the right massage oil for your baby as it is the question of your new born baby’s health. Baby’s skin is so sensitive that it will respond badly if wrong oil is used. An oil that benefits a child not necessarily give similar results to another baby. Only a proper massage with the massage oil which suits the baby’s skin ensures good results. This article helps you to know more about the benefits of oil massaging the baby and best baby massage oil for strong bones.

What Are The Benefits Of Massaging A Baby With Oil?

Ask your mother or mother-in-law and you will know that massaging a baby has many benefits for proper growth and development of the baby. Here, we list the most common ones –

  • Provides good blood circulation: The soft and gentle massaging generate heat and helps with good blood circulation to all parts of the baby’s body
  • Will strengthen a baby’s bones and muscle: Regular massage helps the formation of healthy bones and muscle development in babies. massaging is more beneficial to preemies
  • Helps the baby to gain weight: Massaging with oil evoke an important nerve, called the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve links the brain with important parts of the body which also comprises stomach. Evoking this nerve can enhance the digestion and bowel movement, thereby, helping the baby to put on weight. This is also proved more beneficial to preemies
  • Helps baby to have a sound sleep: Massaging your baby is one of the excellent methods to soothe her senses. Massaging helps to minimise the fussiness of the baby and is an awesome method to help the baby to have a sound sleep
  • Helps to relieve gastric issues: Massaging baby with oil helps to relieve gastric issues that trouble the baby like colic, indigestion, gas formation, etc.
  • Helps the mother to bond with the baby: Massaging the baby enables the mother to build a deep emotional bond with her baby

How To Choose The Best Oil For Baby Massage?

There are lots of variety of baby massage oils available in the market. However, you must to be extremely cautious while picking oil for your baby. You should avoid:

  1. Using oils with artificial fragrance or strong scents
  2. Using oils which are meant for adult use or adult massage
  3. Mixing two three oils together for massaging your baby
  4. Changing the oil frequently and trying a different oil or different brand of same oil. Never change the oil that your baby’s skin is used to without any relevant reason. In any case, don’t try new baby oil without the direction of your child’s doctor
  5. Using oils containing minerals and mineral oils

You should always pick branded baby oils for massaging the baby. Cold-pressed organic oils are also good for massaging baby.
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Best Baby Massage Oils For Strong Bones

Here are different types of massage oil that are used to massage babies for the development of strong bones and muscles:

  1. Dabor lal tail: Dabor lal tail was used way back by mothers for muscle development and for strengthening the bones of the baby. It is an ayurvedic oil, which is made up of different kind of herbs and herbal extracts. It is clinically proven that this oil helps to attain overall physical growth of new born as well. Unlike other branded massage oils, Dabor lal tail is reasonably priced and can be afforded by most of the families. Plus, it has the additional advantage of being trusted through generations
  2. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is lighter, gets absorbed by the skin easily, and is the best choice of oil in summers when the weather is hot and humid. Coconut oil is also believed to be very good for babies’ sensitive skin and babies who have eczema. Popular choices include the very old Parachute coconut oil, and the newer entrant, Patanjali coconut oil which is also edible. Both these brands are largely affordable and mothers use them widely.
  3. Almond oil: Being rich in vitamins E, D and A, almond oil is widely used for massaging babies in India. It is rich in fatty acids which makes it an excellent choice for babies who have eczema, or dry and sensitive skin. It helps in boosting immunity, strengthens the bones, and fights skin infections. Sweet almond oil for baby massaging is quite common in the winter season
  4. Olive oil: Olive oil, with the goodness of olives, besides making the baby’s skin soft, beautiful, and glowing help in making the muscle and bones stronger. For best results massage regularly. No need to keep the oil for a long time. You can massage baby with olive oil just half an hour before bath. For best results, after massaging the baby with olive oil let the baby get some sun light so that his or her body will absorb Vitamin D thereby, strengthening the bones. Popular choices for olive oil for baby massages are Figaro olive oil, Khadi olive oil and Soulflower olive oil. Do not use olive oil if your baby’s skin is dry and sensitive, as vegetable oils like olive and sunflower contain oleic. They can further irritate the baby’s skin
  5. Mustard oil: Mustard oil is one of the most approved baby massage oil mainly used during the winter season. It will be more effective if it is heated with fenugreek seeds and garlic. This mixture is well known for strengthening the bones and muscle of the baby. Mustard oil is first warmed to a comfortable temperature and then used for massaging the baby. It has heating properties so helps the baby retain the warmth, protecting him from cold and other infections. Mustard oil when infused with a few cloves of garlic is believed to be excellent in treating cold in babies
  6. Sunflower oil: Sun flower oil is a good source of vitamin E and fatty acids and helps with the muscle and bone development of the baby. However, sunflower oil is not preferred if the baby has signs of eczema and dry skin as it will aggravate the dryness of the skin
  7. Castor oil: Castor oil is renowned for its property of moisturising and healing. It can be a good remedy for baby rashes, such as diaper rashes, and also helps relives muscle pain. Babies do a lot of movement and castor oil helps with any sore muscles. It is very good for babies with sensitive skin as it is quite greasy. Regular massaging with castor oil is excellent in promoting bone development in babies. Always bathe the baby after massaging with castor oil, and handle the baby with care
  8. Sesame oil: Stated as ‘the king of oils’ in Ayurveda, sesame oil is an excellent option for the health of skin, and development of strong bone and nerves. Massaging the baby with warm sesame oil daily for 15 minutes before bath will promote the growth and helps increase in the height and weight of the baby. Sesame oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and protects the baby from many infections. It is also an excellent moisturiser

baby massage oil for strong bones

Points To Remember When Massaging The Baby

The first and foremost thing is to commit yourself mentally when you massage your baby. Be with your baby, sing to her in soft, sweet tones, talk to her and keep her engaged. Apart from this, there are a few points that should be paid attention to –

  1. Select the time when the baby is neither hungry nor sleepy- now that is a tricky thing. A few days will give you an idea when your baby is ready for the massage
  2. Make sure that you have washed your hands and are wearing clean clothes
  3. Keep all things required for the massage handy- towels, clothes, oil, a water proof mat
  4. Check the room temperature – it should be comfortably warm – not hot or cold
  5. Always check the oil in your hand first – should not be too hot
  6. Do a skin test on the baby’s feet or legs if using an oil for the first time
  7. Keep your strokes gentle and firm, and discontinue if the baby shows any signs of discomfort or does not feel interested in the massage
  8. Follow with a warm water bath or dress your baby in comfortable clothes if you are putting her to sleep

And enjoy this baby mummy time completely!


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